The Standoff At Standing Rock

standing-rock-protestHundreds of Native American tribes have come together at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation to stop the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline and the mass media is covering it up. Thousands of Native Americans and other Water Protectors from around the nation are there right now trying to stop this pipeline from going through their land and endangering the Missouri river. These protestors are peaceful and on their own land and are being forcefully removed and pushed back to allow construction to continue and they need our awareness and help to win this important battle.

Militarized police and private pipeline security have used violence against these peaceful protestors in many forms including mace, attack dogs, LRAD sound cannons, and brute force. Protesters have been arrested, numbered, and placed in dog kennels. The atrocities against these people go on and on while our media ignores and covers it up and our own government turns a blind eye. That is why it is so important to spread awareness to what is happening in Standing Rock so that what is going on there can be stopped.

It is much harder to use the kind of tactics that the police and security have been using against these men, women, and children if the eyes of the world are on them. And since the media has shown that it won’t expose what is happening in Standing Rock it has fallen on us to be the media for these peaceful protesters who are trying to protect our water. In addition to helping make people aware of the situation you can also help the protesters in other ways such as donating money to the Standing Rock Sioux or items from their needed supply list. You can also click the link here to sign the White House petition to stop the pipeline. Anything you can do to help will make a difference.

Below is a video of attacks on protesters by police as they tried to remove them from blocking construction of the pipeline on October 27th to show what these Water Protectors are facing in Standing Rock. Please share this far and wide to spread awareness.


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