US Intelligence Warns al Qaeda Could Be Planning Attacks In Three States Tomorrow

al-qaeda-picture-for-blog-2014-isis-false-flag-comingUnited States intelligence has issued a warning that the terrorist group al Qaeda could attack targets in three states on Monday. The states listed are Texas, New York, and Virginia although no specific sites were named. This is in addition to alerts this week that “polling places” could be seen as “attractive targets” to lone-wolf type extremists. Intelligence officials have announced that there are more than a 100 Joint Terrorism Task Forces in partnership with local law enforcement to prevent attacks in our homeland.

To me, this has false flag written all over it. It doesn’t help much that when I hear al Qaeda I automatically think CIA. With the state of affairs in the US right now I can think of a couple of reasons that the establishment would use a false flag the day before the presidential election. The first thing that popped into my head is how a terrorist attack of that scale could rally support behind Hillary Clinton from those looking to be protected. With her warhawk record and close ties to the military industrial complex she may become more attractive to those who are turned off by her if they felt they were in danger.

I can also see how this threat could allow them to have increased military and police presence in preparation for possible negative reactions to the elections such as the armed Trump militia supporters vowing to police the election and revolt if Hillary is elected. It’s unfortunate that actually believing in it being a legitimate attack isn’t even in my top 5 scenarios but that’s the situation we have found ourselves in today in America. We have to question everything we’re told and search for truth on our own.

Whatever the case may actually be if you’re in one of these states stay safe. My hope is it is nothing more than a threat of danger but just in case stay alert and watchful.


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