The Truth Behind These ‘Anti-Trump’ Protests

download-13All across the country there have been large protests in response to Donald Trump winning the presidency. Most of you probably already know all about them, they’ve been getting terrific media coverage. Some have been civil such as walk-outs from schools and universities but many have become violent, even being classified as riots because of the amount of property damage. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that a lot of people are upset that Trump is our next president, I know that I am, but there is more than meets the eye going on with these protests.

A lot of these protesters are getting paid to protest. Many different ads have been spotted offering to hire people to protest Trump. It’s good pay too. Most of the one14980708_979389728856234_2385929969052335824_ns that I’ve seen circulating pay from 15 to 20 dollars an hour plus overtime and travel expenses. That’s better than my job. These paid protestors are then used to create a protest where and when they want it. If you get a decent group of people together and make sure the media covers it other people will join in and next thing you know you have a full blown protest.
The use of paid protestors is not new to the Trump campaign. They were used all throughout his campaign at his rally’s and events but never on a scale like this. This is a whole different beast. This is a manufactured insurrection and if I had to guess who’s behind it my guess would be George Soros. I believe the immediate goal of these protests is to try to sway the voters of the electoral college to change their votes to Hillary when they vote in December to restore peace and security to the nation.

I don’t trust these protests and I would advise everyone, no matter how upset you might be about the election, to avoid participating in them for your own protection. You never know if there are paid instigators in the crowd until you find yourself in the middle of a riot. I’ve heard too many stories of people who thought they were at a peaceful protest but ended up finding out that it was something else entirely. One minute you’re chanting and the next people are throwing rocks through windows and busting transformers with baseball bats. These protests are bad news and I suggest you avoid them.

Below I’ve included a video that shows how paid protestors were used during the Trump campaign to cause disturbances and violence.


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