Will Obama Approve Easement Allowing Dakota Access Pipeline To Continue This Week?

636013485104323254-epa-usa-obama-shooting-gun-violence-78026674The Obama administration denies it but rumors are circulating that Obama will approve the easement allowing the pipeline company to continue beneath the Missouri river at lake Oahe this week. This is exactly what the Water Protectors have been fighting to stop to protect the nation’s largest fresh water source. The pipeline company is only a thousand or so feet from the river currently and are actually breaking a presidential order by continuing to move forward on Army Corps of Engineers land. Yet the militarized police presence at Standing Rock continue to focus on the peaceful Water Protectors and not the pipeline company that is actually breaking the law.

If this easement is approved there will be nothing to stop them from continuing drilling under the river. The pipeline will continue and it will be too late to prevent what could end up being a catastrophe for our nation’s water supply. Time is running out to prevent Obama from allowing this potential disaster to be allowed to happen. Pipelines leak, that’s just a fact that even the pipeline company openly admits. It isn’t worth the risk of tainting the water supply just to save the pipeline company a few bucks. We must do everything we can to convince president Obama and president-elect Trump that this pipeline must be diverted from its current route. We need to let them know that it cannot be allowed to go under the Missouri River. We must let them know that we all stand with Standing Rock and that water is crucial to life, and it must be protected.

Anything that you can do to send them that message will help. Comment on Obama and Trump’s Facebook pages, call the Whitehouse, Tweet Trump (@realDonaldTrump) or Obama (@Potus) and let them know how you feel. The Native Americans and Water Protectors are doing all that they can to stop this and now it’s time for all of us to really put the pressure on Obama and Trump to not grant this easement. Make sure that they both know that we want them to force the pipeline company to re-route their pipeline to protect the water before it’s too late. It’s our responsibility to protect our planet and it’s precious limited resources.


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