Will Donald Trump Pardon Edward Snowden?

edward-snowdenDonald Trump made a lot of promises during his presidential campaign. He promised to build us a free and glorious wall between the US and Mexico. He also promised to open up a new investigation into 9/11, which he has claimed was a false flag attack. I happen to agree with him and also feel we need a new 9/11 investigation. Another thing that he said he would do that I liked was pardon Edward Snowden and allow him to return to the United States. He even went on to say we owe him an apology. Question is, now that he has actually become our next president, will he do it?

I know he can’t keep all of his campaign promises, he promised so much. I think it would be hard for him to actually pull off getting a new investigation into 9/11 opened up. I hope that he proves me wrong, but I feel that if he tried to he would get a lot of resistance on that one. Pardoning Edward Snowden though, I think he could actually do. I don’t see there being much resistance to giving Snowden a pardon at this point. More people think of Edward Snowden as a hero for what he did for the American people than are upset with him for telling us about the government spying on us all. So, if he really meant it, I think that he could get actually get that one done. I could even see that being just the type of bone the powers that be might allow him to throw to us.

cardinalhillanddonThing is though, is Trump really anti-establishment? He seemed very comfortable and friendly with Hillary and people such as Henry Kissinger at the Jesuit dinner the night of the third presidential debate. They all seemed to be having a really good time. He didn’t seem like an outsider to me. To me it seemed like a whole bunch of people who are all in on a big joke having a huge party celebrating how well it’s going. You could argue that he was just being professional and doing what’s expected of a candidate running for president at a party, and maybe it’s really just that simple. Maybe he isn’t actually one of ‘Them’.

I have got to say though, it’s not helping the argument that Trump and his family are friends with the Clinton’s. They have been for a very long time. Their daughters Chelsea and Ivanka are best friends. Trump even said early in his campaign that Bill convinced him to run for president during a golf game. It’s for all of those reasons that I didn’t even feel like Trump even really wanted to win and was really nothing more than a bogeyman to scare the voters into accepting her as president so she could win. I do have to say though, when he won the election it did mess up that theory a little bit. I honestly was shocked when he won. I must have looked almost as confused about it as Trump did during his meeting with Obama. To be fair though, Obama looked a little blown away by it too.

I think that we’re all just a little bit confused right now actually and I think that maybe the answer to this question is, who knows what he’ll do? He’s already changed his mind about the wall, and he talked about that wall all the time. He hasn’t even been sworn in yet and it’s already cancelled. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a campaign promise broken so fast. So, it’s still a little too early to tell what was just talk and what he actually does believe in and want to pursue. It would be nice to see Edward Snowden get pardoned though so I at least hope that he does follow through on that. I also wouldn’t mind that 9/11 investigation.


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