Barack Obama: Fake Progressive, Real Disappointment


When Barack Obama ran for president in 2008 he presented himself as a progressive running on a message of hope and change. A talented and charismatic speaker with a battle cry of “Yes We Can”, Obama made big promises and inspired millions of voters allowing him to handily beat John McCain to become the 44th president of the United States. It’s now 2016, and as someone who was initially inspired by his message after two terms of having Obama as president I have got to say that I am disappointed. I voted for what I believed was a progressive but all that I got was another globalist Wall Street puppet.

Obama has left no doubt in his two terms as president where his true loyalties lie. Sometimes it has been hard to see it through his charm. He fooled a lot of people for a long time. He’s a very charismatic man and is very good at saying all of the right things in just the right way. He claims to have the nation’s best interests in mind but time and time again his actions have proven otherwise.

He pledged to get rid of lobbyists in government and then turned right around and stocked his cabinet with lobbyists and Wall Street insiders. Then those same insiders presided over the disastrous Wall Street bailouts that mismanaged tens of trillions of taxpayer dollars just for the banks to end up right back in a similar situation today. There was no reform. There wasn’t even a chance that there would be. It was doomed to fail because the same people that caused the problem, were tasked with solving it.

afghan-war-10-15-15_wide-39fd19e234cbe01322a204701842c02017e616fc-s900-c85He claimed he would bring the troops home from Afghanistan, close Guantanamo Bay, and fight for peace. Well, Guantanamo Bay is still open to this day, and instead of peace he delivered only more of the same endless wars we had during George W. Bush. The troops didn’t come home from Afghanistan. The troops are still fighting in Afghanistan today, making it the longest running war in our countries history.  Were not only still fighting in Afghanistan, but we’re also currently bombing six other countries as well. And if that wasn’t enough, the very same Barack Obama that won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 has also killed more than 2500 people with close to 500 hundred drone strikes during his administration.

Even his crowning achievement the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, has really been a failure. While it has many positive effects that have helped people who previously could not get insurance get covered it also has many negative effects. It’s set up in a way that forces you to buy insurance from a private insurer if your company does not provide health insurance. If you cannot afford to do so you will face heavy fines. This has turned a bad situation worse for millions of Americans making it now a crime essentially to be poor.

He stood silent as massive election fraud, and voter suppression took place during the 2016 Democratic Presidential Primary. The reports of fraud and suppression poured in state after state yet Obama stayed silent on the issue. When he finally had to address it he pretended it was a wild conspiracy theory. Once it had been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt he was still telling people it was impossible to rig an election in the United States even though we had just watched it happen. We’re supposed to be the greatest democracy in the world but he didn’t even feel the need to defend that democracy.

His handling of the Flint Michigan water crises has honestly been an embarrassment. It’s been more than two and a half years and the people of Flint still do not have clean water. An entire city in America’s water is poison and it’s not a national crisis? How has this not been fixed by now, and why have those responsible not been held accountable? I cannot come up with acceptable answers to those questions. No true progressive would allow that many of his own people to suffer those conditions or condone the behaviors that caused them. Flint Michigan’s water crisis should be solved immediately, and those responsible should be held accountable. It should be a top priority.

hqdefault-3I am also embarrassed by his handling of the Dakota Access pipeline. A historical gathering of Native American tribes are in Standing Rock, North Dakota right now to stop an oil pipeline from going through the Missouri river and threatening the largest freshwater source in North America. These peaceful protestors, who are on their own land mind you, have been brutalized by militarized police and private pipeline security. Tactics used against the protestors range from LRAD sound cannons, mace and rubber bullets to attack dogs, brute force and mass arrests. Hundreds of protesters have been arrested during this stand-off to protect the water many even numbered and put into dog kennels. Obama’s response to all of this has been to just “Let it play out”. Even as the pipeline company continues construction onto Army Corps of Engineers property, which it doesn’t have permission to do, he does nothing.

No matter how likeable the man may be the facts show that he’s no progressive.  In the 8 years he’s been president I really can’t think of much at all that he has done for anyone except the big banks and corporate America. Obama’s legacy hasn’t been one of hope or change, it’s been one of complacency and politics as usual. While he may be classier and more articulate than old George W. it’s very clear that they both have the same globalist agenda and serve the same masters. Barack Obama is no progressive and as president has honestly just been a disappointment.




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