What Would Hillary Clinton Need A Pardon For If She’s Really Done Nothing Wrong?

hillary-clintonjesse-jackson-759x480Jesse Jackson has been out calling for President Obama to give Hillary Clinton a pre-emptive blanket pardon to, as he says, “Heal America”.  That makes me wonder two things. The first is why does Jesse Jackson even think Hillary needs a pardon? I thought she has done nothing wrong? Innocent people don’t need presidential pardons. The second thing it made me wonder is how does Jesse Jackson think pardoning her of whatever crime she apparently needs a pardon for would possibly heal America? If she’s a criminal why would giving her a pass heal anything that is going on in America? You know what, it makes me wonder three things. How does Jesse Jackson get the nerve to not only ask for such a thing but to also pretend that it’s in the interest of healing the nation. It goes to show the things that they believe they can get away with right in front of our eyes.

I would imagine that if Hillary Clinton were to be charged with a crime, found guilty of that crime, and then punished for it, Americans would be just fine with that. I don’t think giving criminals free passes helps to heal America in any way Jesse. I think that you and Obama could find much better uses for your valuable time than conning the public while begging for pardons for corrupt politicians. Americans are tired of watching the rich and powerful get a free pass. No one should be above the law. If she’s truly innocent then she has nothing to worry about but if she’s guilty, letting her off won’t heal America. Holding her accountable for whatever crimes she may have committed just might though. It would at the very least be a huge step in the right direction.

Go home Jesse, you’re drunk.


2 thoughts on “What Would Hillary Clinton Need A Pardon For If She’s Really Done Nothing Wrong?

  1. She has to be convicted of a Federal crime before the President can “pardon” her. There is no such thing as a “preemptive pardon”.

    Also, the President’s pardon only applies to Federal crimes. If she’s guilty of State crimes, the Governor would be the one to pardon her. But, again, that’s only after conviction.

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