Why You Should Bank Exit To A Credit Union

Oscar nominated documentary filmmaker Matthew Cooke is leading a movement to send a message to the big banks financing and investing in the Dakota Access pipeline that we do not support the pipeline or what is happening to the people there. His movement, called #BankExit, calls for all of us to use the collective power of our money to send a message to the banks that we do not support the DAPL or the treatment of the peaceful Water Protectors there. To show the banks once and for all that we care how our money is used and that we will not have it used any longer to pollute the planet or mistreat indigenous people. He’s calling on all of us to remove all of our money from the banks and place it in local credit unions instead.

I think this is a phenomenal idea with massive potential if the #BankExit movement were to get enough support. That’s where we come in, we need to join in, participate, and spread awareness about this great movement. Money has become speech and unfortunately it’s the only language the rich and powerful understand or will even listen to. If we want them to pay any attention to us we have got to hit them in their wallets. So, we need to get enough of us together to #BankExit and show our strength enough to affect their bottom lines. Let them know that we don’t support their decisions and then we might actually begin to see real change start to become possible.

Check out Matthew’s Video on #BankExit below


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