Is The War Against Fake News Really Just A War Against The Truth?

screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-10-39-53-pm-702x336Fake news is a term that is being thrown around a lot right now. Facebook and Google are both talking about cracking down on fake news sites. It’s currently being talked about all over mainstream media. Obama has even spoken out about it implying that fake news cost Hillary Clinton the election. Seems like all of the sudden everybody wants to get rid of fake news.

On the surface eliminating fake news sites might sound appealing because there’s a lot of misleading and even outright false information out there on the internet. But the problem I see with this is the potential to use this fake news label for censorship. We all know that the mainstream media has been proven to be unreliable. We’re now at a point where independent and alternative media has become the only place to go for any real journalism anymore so, who decides what’s fake news?

I don’t think that all of this fuss has anything to do with actual fake news. Fake news has always been around. Before we had the internet we had The National Enquirer. I don’t think they want to stop fake news at all, I think that what they actually want to stop are sites like Wikileaks and independent journalism. Those are the kinds of sites that are really causing the establishment problems. Information is getting out that they used to be able to suppress and they are not liking it.

The mainstream media has long been nothing more than a highly polished and extremely effective propaganda machine for the elites. For a very long time it has been able to control the narrative and lead the thoughts of the masses. But with the rise of alternative media and independent journalism that grip is slipping. Here lately that has become a problem especially with all of the revelations brought out by Wikileaks this past year. The mainstream media tried their best to ignore it and when they couldn’t do that they even went so far as to say it was illegal to read the Wikileaks. But, thanks to the alternative media on the internet the information still made it out to the public.

That’s what Obama really means when he says that fake news cost Hillary the election. He’s not talking about stories that claim she’s a reptilian. He’s talking about the proof that she was involved in rigging the Democratic primary, the proof of her ties to ISIS, the proof of her “Pay to Play”, and the truth about her public and private policies, and this hornets nest called #pizzagate. All of that information came from the emails released by Wikileaks and was almost exclusively reported on by independent journalist and the alternative media.

All of that was stuff that we weren’t supposed to know about. We would never have known about those things without the independant media. That’s why it’s so important and needs to be protected. While it may sound really nice to have all of the bullshit sites removed from your social media feeds and search results. I see this fake news label being used much like another establishment favorite, conspiracy theory. It’s a very convenient way to silence those who are reporting on news that the establishment doesn’t want reported on. They can just use their fake news label to squash it out.

It’s for those reasons that as a writer all of this sudden outrage over fake news is alarming to me. The powers of the first amendment are sacred and must be protected whenever they are challenged. I for one don’t need Google, Facebook, or the mainstream media to tell me whats fake news and what isn’t. I can decipher what’s news and what’s entertainment just like I always have ever since I was little and I used to read my Grandma’s copy of The National Enquirer.

I would much rather use my own common sense than have big brother deciding what information is, and is not approved for me. We have to defend our rights whenever they are threatened or we’ll wake up one day to find that they’re gone. So, it’s with that in mind that I say no thank you Google, Facebook, and the establishment. I don’t want to be protected from fake news. We don’t need more censorship, what we actually need is more transparency. And I say if the elites don’t like real news and information being reported to the masses, well that’s just too bad.


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